Brian Maguire

Enterprise architect, program governance & delivery expert with over 25 years experience in the IT industry focusing on Financial Services, Hospitality & Gaming.

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Experienced enterprise architect, business development, program governance & delivery expert with over 25 years in the IT industry. I am generally engaged by companies to help them think ”outside the box” to lead new initiatives and complex transitions from legacy environments to modern deployment models.

My work assignments have primarily been by tier 1 organisations in Europe and Asia to design and deploy Enterprise Architecture and Transformation solutions for Financial Services, Hospitality and Gaming verticals.

I am currently based in Budapest, Hungary.

Countries in which I have worked

Marina Bay Sands - Enterprise Architect

in 2014 & 2015 I was a member of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation global EA team based at the iconic MBS integrated resort in Singapore as EA for LVSC Asia. The role involved all aspects of technology transformation for Hotel, Retail, MICE and Gaming activities of the company.

CSC Asia - Chief Architect

From 2010 to 2014 As Chief Architect at CSC Asia I was responsible for the global INTEGRAL product suite strategy, defining technology transformation and global IT strategies for tier 1 clients.

I also developed and rolled out the governance program for “Standardization” and “Productionisation” of project bidding, discovery and execution.

Key Clients

Presented at Recent Conferences

Presented my views on "Mobile Application Development for Financial Services" at the recent HWSW Mobile Development conference in Budapest.

Products in Development

Project Stack

An online suite of applications providing a full set of definition and modelling tools needed to manage projects from RFP to Delivery

When This, Offer That

A real time offer, campaign, promotion, & reward application allowing the evaluation of unlimited data points about customers and initiation of incentives based on user defined rule sets initiated by customer activities.

Key Areas of Interest


Hotel Technology

Gaming Technology

Loyalty & Marketing Technology

Insurance Technology

Other Activities

Design Terminal - Techlab

Acting as a mentor to the initial group of technology startps selected by Techlab for their 2016 program.

Areas of Expertise

IT Strategy and IT Roadmaps

Helping organisations to build mid & long-term action plans and roadmaps for the introduction of the technology components necessary to achieve their business goals. This is generally set against the context of a rapidly changing technology and/or business environment. I strongly believe in the approach of - "For an IT strategy to be effective it must have measurable links to a business strategy"

Enterprise Architecture

Performing enterprise level analysis of business structure and processes for conducting design, planning, and implementation, using a holistic approach focused on the strategic goals of an organisation.

Applying architecture principles and practices to guide organizations through the business, information, process, and technology changes necessary to execute their strategies.


I work with organisations to introduce initiation of change by providing the experience and guidance to push complete overhaul of their data, application and infrastructure architecture.

In addition to business and technology transformation programs, I have led and delivered the transformation of the delivery of IT Services and Solutions from local to global models using real and virtual competancy centres / centres of excellence.


I have led multiple initiaives to define and implement governance programs to standardise, productize and effectively manage IT transformation, Delivery and Strategy across end user and vendor organisations.

This has included formalising bidding & delivery processes, standardising deliverable artifacts and building delivery models to ensure consistency across all areas of customer bidding and subsequent delivery management

Solution Design

I have produced and implemented numerous and varied solutions designs across various platforms, technologies and delivery channels from Mainframe to Internet to Mobile.

I strongly beleive that focused and high quality Solution Architecture & Design is the key method by which enterprise architecture delivers value to the organization.

Independant Program Oversight

On numerous occassions in both Europe and Asia I have been engaged to provide Independent Oversight activiities for major IT Deployment and IT Transformation programs.

In this role I have been engaged by my customers to act in a neutral capacity to guide programs and ensure all sides (customer and vendors) are fully focused on the end goals and delivering to each others expectations


Having a broad and deep level of knowledge of the insurance industry in all lines of business (general, life, health, group) I have been involved in a significant number of Insurance Startups (Greenfields) and Mature Organisation Transformation programs.

Hospitality & Gaming

I have a deep level of knowledge of all aspects involved with the Hospitality and Gaming industry, particularly from an integrated resorts perspective where Hotel, Retail, MICE and Casino are just four of the verticals in which I have worked.

I am currently based in Budapest

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